Žitoprerada DM d.o.o is a confectionary factory founded in 2010. in Novi Becej as well as  its products branded like “Blago bisernog ostrva”, thereby  the child’s dream of  lost treasure to be found, turned into reality.

Although we have been existing for only five years, our products are applied  with three decades of knowledge and experience.Making the products with high quality just for, we managed  to rapidly gain your trust and we are very proud of it.

Starting from carefully selected raw materials and packaging materials, through the cycle of processing, packaging and distribution, we supply market with high quality products.

Experts carefully keep controlling production process and  quality, thus ensuring the compliance of the finished product with the requirements and needs of customers.

Since our foundation we have been growing up from year to year, expanding our range. We started with the strudel, which quality  you recognized very quickly. Persistent and unwavering, we are committed to continuous development and progress, so since 2011. in our product line,we have got the new one member- ”Medene štrudle” – partly covered and decorated with chocolate, by which we became recognizable and unique.

By further development, in December 2012., we introduced another production line – wafer products, which today have very high participation in the market. Soon we began production of tea biscuits, where we particularly highlight “Pravi domaći“,homemade biscuits with chocolate, totally  different  and quickly became our top one.

Constantly desiring the new and even better, we have begun with the production of integral biscuit with chocolate – ”Čoko incoo”, which justified our expectations and met your strict criteria.

Today, focusing on good quality with constant innovation of equipment and products, we are proud of another product – ”Čoko pravi domaći”, which represents our constant struggle and desire to satisfy the most aesthetic tastes.

We are very proud of  our business arrangement, our customers and  products, and our commitment to quality we do confirm having ISO 9001: 2008 standard for quality control and food safety IFS Food Version 6, International Featured, Standards with strict observance and application of HACCP principles conforming to the requirements of Codex Alimentarius CAC / RCP 1-1969, Rev 4 (2003).

Thank you for recognizing our dreams, our desires and our quality.

Thank you for choosing us.

Our vision is:

  • to be recognized as manufacturer of delicious bakery products
  • production of healthy and high quality products, which will be recognized and requested on market
  • developing new product categories
  • fulfilling customers demands, in time with their needs in first place
  • to be dynamic, market oriented organization, focused on business trend around us
  • that our organization is based on confidence and professionalism