Its mission, manufacturing and sale of confectionery products, business success and further development, Žitoprerada DM builds with the highest quality of services and products, always safe for consumption, which fully satisfies:

  • requirements and expectations of customers and achieves their satisfaction.
  • requirements of applicable laws and regulations.
  • own requirements and objectives.

which manages to do due to the professional work of all employees, researching, developing and innovating the methods and procedures imposed by the achievements of science, market needs and the community, in order to meet the needs of users, owners, employees and society at large and the environment.

Žitoprerada DM has a vision to be recognized, successful and respected manufacturer of confectionery products in the region, which is based on long-time successful business policy and strategic aims to  become and remain among the best in the food, confectionery industry in the Balkans, with:

  •  improving in market positions and conquer new markets,
  • preserving the interests of companies and
  • meeting the personal interests of all employees.

Its goals , Žitoprerada DM  realizes by introducing and consistently applying:

 Quality management system compliant with the requirements of

 ISO 9001: 2008

 International standards for quality control and food safety

 IFS Food Version 6, International Featured Standards

 with strict respect for the principles of HACCP.

The basis of applied integrated system of quality management and food safety make the employees, the clear responsibility of each individual and all functions, adequate management and provision of all necessary resources.

Novi Bečej, august 2014.